Beyond the Tradeshow - Being Relevant (Part 1)

Beyond the Tradeshow - Being Relevant (Part 1)
Larissa Schultz
March 2, 2016
A five-part blog post on how to be more relevant to planners to increase sales.

Why You Are Worth It!

Larissa Schultz
November 26, 2014
By investing money on continuing education for yourself now you can see dividends pay out later in your bank account.

The Viability of the CMP - A Discussion

Larissa Schultz
June 25, 2014
Is the CMP still all it used to be? Has its purpose changed from when it was first introduced?

Five things to remember when evaluating your meetings’ Internet needs

Molly Blaisdell
November 7, 2013
Meeting Planner Tips for Internet Requirements


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