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The Meeting & Event Risk Management Guide: How to Develop a Customized Risk Management Playbook

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How do you prepare for potential crises at your meeting or event and protect your company from legal and financial ramifications?

Most meeting and event planners don’t even know where to start, so this step-by-step guide authored by Brenda Rivers and published by Meetings Today will empower you and your team to develop your own risk management playbook for your meetings and events.

Topics covered include the four obligations of Duty of Care, pre-event planning and preparation, how to respond to a security crisis on-site and how your organization can recover after the fact.

Organized in a workbook format, The Meeting & Event Risk Management Guide provides templates, checklists, quizzes and worksheets for readers to fill out as they take the initial steps on their journey to assure the safety of their attendees and protect the organizations they plan for from potential legal actions.


About the Author

Brenda Rivers, president and CEO of Andavo Meetings, Incentives, Events and Consulting, is a risk management expert who frequently speaks at major meetings industry events as well as for corporations, universities and other organizations who believe the security of their attendees and employees is a paramount concern.

"Planners are increasingly anxious about their responsibility for crisis preparation, yet most lack anything more than security handbooks and checklists to guide them. Reading the security handbook is not preparation. If the organization's response team does not know what to do in the first 10 minutes of a crisis, they are not prepared."