Quality entertainment can raise the bar at meetings, differentiate your organization from its competitors and enchant attendees. The people that represent headliner entertainers are professional in what they do, just like you, so follow these “Six Steps of Hiring” to book the best performers!

  1. Know the goal of your meeting and consider how entertainment will support that goal.

  2. Select five suitable artists. Drawing a blank? Prepare an approximate budget and select a format(s) for the entertainment.

  4. Have your agent or corporate entertainment company construct a written offer to present to the artist. Are you prepared to make a quick decision? It is common to lose headliners when clients are not able to act quickly to secure the act. In other words, be ready to transfer a deposit immediately if it isn’t already on account with your entertainment company.

  5. If the offer is accepted, go to the contracting phase for the services of the artist. Once your written offer is accepted, it is very difficult to turn back.

  6. Secure production for the show through your corporate entertainment company or elsewhere.

  7. Monitor the entertainment and evaluate the outcomes.


Mark Sonder is the chief entertainment officer of Mark Sonder Productions (www.marksonderproductions.com) and author of Event Entertainment and Production, published by Wiley.