This year’s game-changing innovations aren’t 110-inch TVs and table-sized tablets, but are instead found behind the scenes.

  1. Mobile computing. Event and venue websites must be optimized for Internet-connected mobile devices as they are often a first point of contact with customers and attendees, and a key channel for ongoing communications, on-demand downloads and instantaneous sharing.

  2. Hardware and technology performance gains. Horsepower and graphics performance on handheld gadgets has increased by leaps and bounds. Combined with broadening access to cloud computing solutions, pitching sponsors and sharing presentation materials via portable screens is easier than ever.

  3. Video and content sharing solutions. If you’re not routinely recording programs or presentations on video to share with your audience, you may be selling your events, venues and destinations short.

  4. Social participation and feedback. With constant social media integration, it bears remembering that corporate communications are a two-way street. Effective marketing techniques increase audience participation through creative initiatives that drive engagement and collaboration.

  5. The content marketing boom. Search engines have become the new frontline for customer interaction. Industry pros must realize that everyone is in the online publishing business. Events provide an opportunity to tap experts, executives and community leaders for insights and advice that can be used to raise awareness all year long.

Scott Steinberg is a bestselling leadership and innovation speaker and a regular keynote speaker. He heads management consulting and corporate training firm TechSavvy Global.