No wonder Las Vegas is America’s leading trade show destination and global visitor magnet. With seductions up and down the Strip and in resurgent downtown, “Sin City” is the ultimate players club.To meet in Vegas is to tap into fantasy; like Venice, built on water, Vegas, risen from sand, is uniquely compelling precisely because of its unlikely nature.

Think of Vegas as a blockbuster action-adventure series, each sequel more outrageous than the last—in which you are part of the cast.

For delegates coming off the convention floor, the action irresistibly calls—the cocktail lounge, the pool, the food fest, the casino floor, the big show, the dance club, frequently, but not necessarily, in that order.

Diversified beyond its original gaming roots, however, Vegas offers another action pack entirely: outdoor adventures and team-building programs, some of which, true to Vegas fashion, literally go over the top. With others providing a taste of the extraterrestrial landscapes outside of the city, the following programs, by land, air and water, are true departures from the ordinary.

Black Canyon/Willow Beach Adventures, Boulder City
Located a short distance from the Strip in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Black Canyon is a geological wonder lying just below the mighty Hoover Dam. Formed over millions of years by volcanic activity, the canyon’s walls, rising nearly 2,000 feet, are the dramatic setting for exciting group outings on the Colorado River.

“Our relaxing 12-mile raft tours through the extraordinary scenery of towering canyon walls will stimulate and rejuvenate groups,” says Beth Carden, sales manager for Black Canyon River Adventures.

Tours include a beach lunch before stopping at the full-service Willow Beach Marina on Lake Mohave, where buses take groups back to base or to Las Vegas. Other programs include an exploration of the Colorado River’s mining history and a photo-op tour of Hoover Dam.