Anyone even remotely interested in Digital Age marketing has most likely channeled Guy Kawasaki in one way or another. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or blogs, if it’s about modern marketing and comes across in zeros and ones, Kawasaki—the “father of evangelism marketing”—just may be working the levers on the other end.

As ubiquitous as he may be in digital media, however, Kawasaki is also a highly regarded book author and speaker.

After four years as the “chief evangelist” for Apple’s Macintosh brand, Kawasaki lead two successful technology companies and penned The Macintosh Way, a seminal book outlining the Apple management and marketing philosophy. Having insider’s knowledge of perhaps the most innovative company in history naturally led to the speaking stage.

“I didn’t plan this transition at all,” he says. “I wrote my first book, The Macintosh Way, and companies started asking me to speak to their employees about it. I had no idea that this would happen. I kept raising my prices until companies started saying ‘no,’ and the rest is history.”

Now Kawasaki lives the hectic, well-traveled life of an in-demand speaker.

“Not every week is like this, but a few weeks ago I spoke in Orlando on Tuesday, Pensacola on Wednesday, flew to Miami for seven hours on Wednesday night, flew to Bogota at 5 a.m. the next morning and spoke that afternoon, flew back to SFO the next morning, and then gave a video speech to Calgary from a hotel room in Berkeley the day after that.”

Wherever he may be speaking—whether it’s live or over the Internet via Skype or Google+ Hangouts—Kawasaki believes in giving an entertaining delivery.