Lynn Osmond, President/CEO
Chicago Architecture Foundation

Architecture of Chicago is renowned internationally for both influencing and reflecting on the history of American architecture. For more than 48 years the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) has been honored to serve as an ambassador to the city for locals and national and international visitors alike.

I’ve been on countless tours of this great city and seen its architecture from almost every possible angle. However for an unforgettable experience I recommend the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady. The Chicago River is one of the city’s greatest assets as it literally runs through the heart of downtown. Towering over the water are a series of buildings literally spanning the architectural history of Chicago, telling stories of the city and its people. CAF offers more than 85 different architecture tours 362 days a year, and for a tour that can only be had in Chicago try the Elevated Architecture: Chicago's Loop by "L", which allows you to explore Chicago’s amazing architecture from the perspective of the city’s elevated trains and station platforms.

In addition to the spectacular lake and the stunning river, Chicago’s other great asset is its many, diverse neighborhoods. More than 77 vibrant neighborhoods create Chicago, each containing their own mix of historic sights and attractions, arts and culture and personality. The best way to experience them is through our Open House Chicago program on October 18 and 19. It’s Chicago’s largest architectural festival and the second largest in the US. During Open House Chicago, tens of thousands of people experience more than 150 of Chicago’s most interesting places and spaces in the Loop and in neighborhoods throughout the city.