Virginia Wright, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
“Sometimes it is challenging to change people’s minds. Be as transparent, upfront, clear and kind as possible.”

Donna Shugart-Bethune, International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories
“Pre-planning and communication are always key to a successful event! Each year we try to incorporate something new into our planning and to our communication. This year we have added a mobile app event guide to allow our members instant access to our meeting plans, schedule and changes at the tips of their fingers.”

Julie L. Heckman, American Pyrotechnics Association
“I’ve been working with a third party to help negotiate contracts lately. It’s been extremely beneficial. There are things I didn’t even know you could negotiate. You can negotiate resort fees, Internet fees. Be willing to ask for what you want.”

Blair Wolston, American Society of Dowsers
“Open up and maximize communication flow as much as resources allow. Integrating the technologies available to your group is essential. For example, creating SMS groups within your phone is smart, as not everyone gets e-mail on their mobile devices, and texting requires much less signal strength than data.”

William J. Schroer, American Association for Nude Recreation
“Establish a relationship with a key contact that has authority to get things done, and maintain ongoing communications in advance, not just last-minute. Make sure you have the same vision of how the convention will go.”