BAKER, Calif.

Luis Ramallo wants to build an alien hotel. And he's turning to Kickstarter for help.

No, he's not asking for millions of dollars (though the project is expected to cost $31 million), he's just hoping his idea to create a UFO hotel will resonate with other sci-fi fanatics, who may be interested in contributing to his goal of $175,000 so they can one day stay in his exclusive 31-room hotel in Baker, Calif.

"We are today looking for people that will help us complete the dream that we have for Baker," says Ramallo, at the start of his Kickstarter video,.

The entreprenuer hopes to turn Baker, which as of the 2010 census reported a total population of 735, into a tourist destination, where people will visit to spend a night at his hotel and experience what it's like to be inside of an alien spaceship. Ramallo also has plans to later create a Mothership Mall shopping district.

Ramallo is the founder of Alien Fresh Jerky, which was originally established in Crystal Springs, Nev., in 2010, near Area 51. It then moved to Baker, Calif., where Ramallo and his family produce all-natural beef jerky and a number of other snack food items and souvenirs.

Meetings Focus has yet to learn of any official meeting space at the property, but is sure groups would enjoy attending a reception at Club UFO, taking part in some futuristic dining or relaxing at the space-themed spa.

Interested parties can learn more about Ramallo's project at the official Kickstarter page.

Editor's Note: It looks like Luis Ramallo has suspended/canceled his Kickstarter campaign for the UFO Hotel. Was he shut down by the government? Abducted by aliens, perhaps? Or maybe he simply wasn't receiving the funding he was looking for. Stay strong, Ramallo! The truth is out there.