I decided to conduct an Oreo taste test (for potential meeting break use), to pinpoint people’s favorite methods of eating the cookie, alongside favorite types and flavors.


7 male, 8 female participants.

Age range:

10 or younger: 3 (who voted).

11-40: 6.

41 and older: 5.

Types of Oreos served:
Regular, Double Stuf, Thins (regular and vanilla), S’mores, Peanut Butter, Mini and a non-Oreo sandwich cookie.

By far the favorite Oreo:
Thin! (Related Link: So How Do the New Oreo Thins Really Stack Up Against Their Thicker Siblings?).

Second favorite:
Double Stuf (Did you know this? Related Link: Double Stuf Oreos Don't Actually Have Double the Creme).

Favorite method of eating:
Right in the mouth and chew. Second most preferred method of eating: pull apart, lick frosting and eat cookie. It was disclosed that this had changed for many since childhood when it was pull apart the Oreo, lick the frosting and maybe eat the cookie.

Other factoids learned in the Oreo tasting conversations:

  • United, on its international flights, serves Oreos in First Class and with children’s meals.
  • Some United Airlines international flight attendants break apart Oreos to put on ice cream desserts in the front cabin.
  • Dunking Oreos in soy milk is not as good as in regular (we served Lactaid skim milk) milk.
  • Generic sandwich cookie’s edges were not even and thus not appealing, though the taste was okay.
  • Eating the new Oreos Thins is best whole, not pulled apart.
  • Peanut Butter Oreos? Feh! Not peanut-buttery enough. (Related Link: Nabisco, You Need to Stop This Oreo Flavor Parade).

Additional Info:
I purchased the Oreos, milk, fruit and utensils, and am not being compensated in any way by the company or its manufacturer. This blog is not an endorsement of the product, the company or even of eating Oreos.

It’s just that we want to make people happy and Oreos are loved in the U.S. and now China; let’s serve something that won’t be wasted at breaks?

My gratitude to neighbors Sarah, Matt and Claire for allowing us to use their unit, and especially to Reiko Tate, meeting/event colleague, friend and neighbor, who helped make it pretty and took the photos.

And my gratitude to my friend and colleague, Camille, and her mom, Dolores, for letting me know that the late Mr. P. (dad/husband) put an Oreo on a spoon, dunked it and then ate it. It made me smile and always will.

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