Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, marked the start of a new monthly newsletter, Friday With Joan, starring meetings industry veteran and CIC Hall of Leaders inductee, Joan Eisenstodt.

The debut newsletter (click to view web version) kicked off with the blog post, and subject line, "Why Aren't Meeting Breaks More Fun?" In the post, Joan questions why we are still holding 15 minute breaks, with no time for networking, or sometimes even a trip to the bathroom! She uses Oreos to make her case, but there's more to the argument than that.

Joan then went on to interview fellow industry veteran Patti Shock in a Q&A on meeting break F&B trends over the years, while also bringing together friends and neighbors for an Oreo taste test of her own, which also serves as an example of how you can incorporate fun foods into a cool icebreaker, after accounting for dietary restrictions, of course!

Beyond the main featured content, don't forget to browse all of the sidebar content, including a survey and articles hand-picked (or written by) Joan.

The editorial staff at Meetings Focus are excited to continue this collaboration with Joan and hope you'll stay tuned for future newsletters! Click the following link to subscribe to Friday With Joan.