The Event Leadership Institute (ELI) launched a new hybrid course model combining the elements of their online and in-person courses into a single, blended experience. After participants learn concepts online prior to class, instructors in eight cities will lead them in applying those concepts to real-world event scenarios through group discussion, team exercises, analysis of case studies, guest speakers and field trips.

The flipped classroom is one of several innovations driving change in the education field, as it leverages the respective strengths of online and in-person learning. ELI’s first hybrid course will be Event and Meeting Management Fundamentals, with in-person sessions taking place concurrently in New York, Washington DC, Detroit, Austin, San Diego, Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

“Students taking our in-person Professional Development Courses loved the immersive, hands-on elements and wanted more time for them,” said Howard Givner, ELI founder and ceo. “A hybrid class enables us to leverage the in person time for things that really take advantage of the live experience.”

Traditional learning involves an instructor teaching concepts in class, and students applying those concepts in exercises at home. The flipped or hybrid classroom model has students learning concepts via online videos from top subject matter experts prior to class, then using in class time for more interactive elements like group discussion.

Established in 2011, the Event Leadership Institute provides training, education and career development to event and meeting industry professionals, through both structured and unstructured learning. ELI offers a Netflix-style on demand subscription video service, featuring over 150 proprietary instructional videos across topical tracks such as Business, Creativity & Design, Strategic Planning, Event Logistics, Technical Production, Venues & Destinations, all of which utilize a micro-learning platform.