With more groups wanting to incorporate CSR experiences into conferences and events, adding community service projects to the agenda are beneficial all around by engaging attendees, aiding the organization and helping the local community. However, finding an organization to work in an unfamiliar location and setting up the logistics can be difficult and time consuming.

MeetGreen found this to be the case, so they have partnered with Give2Get (formerly CorpsGiving) to help meeting and event professionals organize and produce service projects in along with their events.

“We are thrilled to join forces with such a valued and reputable organization as Give2Get. Together we will do great things in communities all across the world,” says Nancy Zavada, president & founder of MeetGreen.

With MeetGreen’s 20 years of sustainable event planning experience and Give2Get’s 15 years of volunteer organization experience, these joined forces can help with all types of programs like working with the hungry, building houses, reading to kids, or cleaning the ocean.

“We are excited to be working with Meet Green to seamlessly integrate community impact into the best-in-class work they do for their clients,” says Grady Lee, co-founder & CEO of Give2Get.