The National Park Service turns 100 on Aug. 25, which will prompt people from across the world to rediscover our true national treasures. Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the largest operator of resorts and lodges in U.S. national parks, is launching a new brand for travelers to highlight these iconic institutions and what they have to offer through journeys in culture, music, entertainment and travel.

The new brand, Privel, will offer private excursions through the national parks, showcasing the best each has to offer, guided by local experts and incorporating activities such as hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours and photography expeditions, mixed with accommodations at in-park lodges, gourmet meals and travel between parks by private jet.

“Privel is a custom-tailored experience providing truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to embrace and witness the beauty, soul, inspiration and wonder that mankind and nature can create,” explains Andrew Todd, CEO of Xanterra Parks & Resorts. “We can offer curated access to art, travel, culture and the wonders of the world.”

The first Privel experience, launched along with Austin Adventures, a Xanterra brand, will be The Majestic American West: Park to Park Journey, Sept. 18-29. This adventure includes stops at Death Valley, Yosemite, Crater Lake, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Zion and the Grand Canyon.