Taking in the sights of a destination, site-inspection of a convention center, or checking out off-site venues is difficult to do from afar. Not to mention time consuming and costly. Or at least it used to be. Now, with virtual reality, or VR, you can experience all this without the time and cost it used to take. More and more destinations, properties and convention centers are using VR to show off their offerings and give people an inside look without having to leave their office or home.

YouVisit, a virtual reality company that has a collection of interactive content as well as the ability to create customized VR experiences, knows that the most difficult aspect of executing events is the planning and promoting stages. Not only does VR allow planners and organizers the ability to explore possible venues and locations, but it also aids in promoting events.

“When it comes to the planning stage of putting together an event or conference, virtual reality enables meeting organizers to virtually visit a specific destination or convention center they’re considering for their event,” explained Abi Mandelbaum, CEO and cofounder of YouVisit. “By helping them see what a specific city has to offer and understanding the layout and floor plan of a building, organizers can effectively narrow down the list of locations they’re interested in, making these decisions a lot easier and less expensive.”

In the past, when promoting an event to both attendees and sponsors, organizers and planners had to rely on photos and videos of past events to sell the atmosphere, content and environment. With VR, potential attendees and sponsors are fully immersed in the previous event.

“This is great for attendees looking for potential learning and networking opportunities at a conference, as well as sponsors who want to see what the ROI and lead gen possibilities consist of,” said Mandelbaum.

YouVisit’s studios have created VR experiences for clients across six continents and its visual storytellers, production team and engineers work alongside customers to bring their visions to life while shooting and editing content.

“At YouVisit, our goal is to empower businesses and institutions to create and share immersive interactive virtual experiences that help to drive real results for a business or organization,” noted Mandelbaum. “We provide a back-end analytics system that helps businesses and individuals track and measure the performance of their experiences.”