There’s a new doctor in the house. Well, in Corinthia Hotel London that is. The hotel teamed up with neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart for a year-long Neuroscientist in Residence program for staff, guests and groups. Dr. Swart will research the mental resilience of people across various business sectors and the resulting data will generate a special Brain Power Study at the end of the residency.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to discover how employees and leaders can create sustainable behavioral change,” said Corinthia Hotel London General Manager Thomas M. Fischer. “Through this study we will be able to provide insights for the way businesses interact with employees and customers, and how they can change to be more effective.”

Dr. Swart is a leadership coach and senior lecturer at MIT and works with leaders of successful companies to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance.

“As a neuroscientist, I am fascinated by how the human brain works, and as a leadership coach I advise people whose professions or lifestyle mean that mental resilience is essential and expected,” Swart said. “Developing resilience in the workplace is about investing in the development of people and ensuring the brain-body connection is taken into account in an integrated approach to leadership, life and work.”

The 294-room Corinthia Hotel London offers nearly 6,300 square feet of meeting space. Groups can arrange for team sessions and workshops with Dr. Swart at the hotel during her residency. The Team Mental Resilience program helps groups understand how their individual brains can best work together and how to adapt habits accordingly. For smaller groups, Dr. Swart offers tailored workshops that can either stand alone or be part of a series, depending on the groups’ needs, and includes an overview of applied neuroscience theory followed by team coaching exercises.