Katie (Katherine) Rick, Owner & Director, US Log Rolling Open, KRICK, LLC, Onalaska, Wis.

Briefly state what your job entails.

My job as director entails ensuring all details of the professional log-rolling tournament are planned, coordinated and executed. In Chicago Southland, this started with the search for the site to host the event. I coordinate all production for television. I work to obtain sponsorship from both local companies and national companies for the event. I work to ensure all athletes are informed, registered and prepared to compete. I oversee and schedule all staff, and market the event. Anything that needs to be done to make the tournament a success, I have a hand in.

What type of meeting did you hold in Chicago Southland?

KRICK, LLC, held a professional log-rolling tournament that was televised on Comcast SportsNet.

Was anyone particularly helpful in executing your event?

Joel Koester from the Chicago Southland CVB was amazingly helpful. I met Joel and Jim Garrett, president/CEO of the CVB, in New York City for the STIHL Timbersports Series in 2015. Joel helped with everything from the initial site visits to find a location, to details the day of the event. The entire Chicago Southland CVB team was instrumental in the success of the event. Ryan Collins in the development services department at the Village of Orland Park helped to coordinate all the details with the village along with Joe La Margo, assistant village manager.

What do your attendees seem to enjoy the most about Chicago Southland?

Spectators seemed to enjoy that there was something unique and outdoors to check out. Competitors enjoyed the expansion of the competitive sport into a new market. This was the first tournament to be hosted in Illinois for professionals.

Are there any experiences you would recommend for groups meeting in Chicago Southland?

Reach out to the CVB. They are incredibly helpful and will match what a group is looking for with their region.

How does Chicago Southland compare to other destinations where you have hosted meetings?

The relationship with the CVB and the cities in their region is great. They are well integrated and the office really works as a team to support the events.

Would you return to Chicago Southland and recommend it to other meeting planners?

Yes, we are planning to return for the second annual on June 10, 2017.