Q&A with Michael Massari // Chief Sales Officer // Caesars Entertainment Corporation

How does a meeting agenda with an entertainment component differ from one without?
The entertainment component elevates the experience while creating memories and connections for attendees. Whether bringing the Water Coolers singing comedy group into the ballroom or going out to see headliners like Reba, Brooks & Dunn, incorporating amazing and relevant entertainment in the agenda gives attendees a fun, common experience they can share and talk about throughout the conference.

What sets Caesars apart as a provider of exceptional entertainment experiences for groups?
From Celine Dion and Elton John to Jerry Seinfeld, we have such a variety of world-class performers at our Las Vegas properties that can be easily incorporated into a group experience. Our easy access to these exceptional experiences means groups don’t need to find the entertainment on their own or work through another party—their CSM can help them find the right show for their group and help coordinate from there.

In a time of “reimagining” where and how we meet, what is entertainment’s future role in the group experience?  
Creating those memories and fostering those connections, entertainment will always be part of the exciting and unique offerings we market to our clients. With so many options available to planners, incorporating some form of entertainment into the conference agenda will become ever easier. Here in Vegas, where everyone offers a variety of entertainment options, our focus at Caesars remains on what makes us different: our one contact, one contract and one F&B minimum, and the partnership we strive to build with our clients.