Here's a quick run-down of some key features of the most popular social media options for events.

Facebook: New features provide additional ways to communicate, such as Facebook Live, which allows for live broadcasts.

Instagram: This app’s highly visual format is good for an increasingly text-averse world. The new Instagram Stories feature provides the opportunity to share video.

Periscope: Live streaming with real-time viewer comments are selling points for Periscope, but similar features recently introduced on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook diminish its relevance.

Pinterest: Often used for visual inspiration and ideas rather than for immediate communication, Pinterest is less popular on the meetings scene but still has value.

Slack: This messaging platform allows users to create discussion groups, called channels, providing networking and discussion opportunities.

Snapchat: With an audience of generally younger users, Snapchat is a fast-growing and robust platform—although Instagram has recently mimicked some of its features.

Twitter: A popular stalwart, Twitter offers easy direct messaging as well as a relatively new live-streaming feature.