AlliedPRA and Kapow have partnered to offer a platform that helps secure client events during major conventions and tradeshows.

Together, AlliedPRA, a global destination management company, and Kapow, an online marketplace with unique events curated for client and corporate entertainment, now provide local destination experiences and events ranging from tiered self-service to full-service options. The platform can be used for smaller-scale events, such as cocktail receptions and private dining, as well as larger-scale events produced by AlliedPRA that include securing venue space, transportation, decor and entertainment.

“By combining the ease of an online marketplace with the expertise of AlliedPRA, we provide a full spectrum of activation to our association partners’ communities,” said Kapow CEO Chris Brown. “With real-time information, organizations have new and valuable data that directly impacts the future of significant industry events.”  

This business model will also gather data on attendee behavior, which will provide insight to the overall economic impact an event has on a destination during a city-wide program.

“This model we have created with Kapow is the first step in our approach to client events at major conventions and tradeshows, to meet the quickly changing expectations of the marketplace we serve,” said AlliedPRA CEO Tony Lorenz. “We are extending the show floor across the entire host city, offering a single solution for client events regardless of event type or size. More importantly, we are now providing valuable data to associations to understand community behavior and accurate fiscal impact of these industry events. It’s a win-win for all parties.”;