I’m starting to see a trend here. From a May cover image of Chuck Berry to a St. Louis cover story last month with a heavy rock ’n’ roll and blues bent, one may rightfully assume that we’ve got to boogie, to borrow from 1970s parlance. But this month’s stage for two of America’s preeminent musical art forms lets your meeting participants get into the act, quite literally.

Our CSR/Teambuilding feature, beginning on page 24, pumps up the volume on music-themed teambuilding options, including some that even offer a corporate social responsibility aspect. Getting your attendees rocking and rolling—not to mention all of the attendant cooperation it takes to write and perform a song—will create a memorable program that transcends your typical ropes course outing.

And those who aren’t musically inclined need not get stage fright, as these programs have something for everyone. And since when has not having vast music knowledge ever stopped a rocker! Three chords and a cloud of dust, as they say backstage.

Also in This Issue
Speaking of trends, July is our Meetings Trendsetters issue, and this year’s crop certainly rises to the occasion. While the 22 profiled certainly make an impact on the industry, and their expertise in many cases blurs the category designations of Planner, Supplier and Educator, I think you’ll agree that they’re all among the leading lights making our not-so-humble profession worth all of the effort we put into it, no matter the day-to-day headaches involved with successfully producing meetings, events and incentives.

Let us know, though, if we left anyone out!