Today’s ever-changing healthcare environment is often synonymous with challenges. While the era of value-based care presents obstacles, the opportunities for discovering solutions are endless. In Cleveland, the Global Center for Health Innovation elevates these possibilities by serving as a gateway connecting the medical industry to insight, education and innovation.

Located in Downtown Cleveland among a rich concentration of the medical industry’s finest institutions, the Global Center demonstrates new technology while offering a venue to gather and access expertise for the future of healthcare, according to Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO and President at Cleveland Clinic.

“Healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the United States and hospitals require a huge amount of materials to be successful," Dr. Cosgrove said. "From the beginning, I felt Cleveland was the perfect location to demonstrate the latest in materials and technology due to our city’s extensive range of expertise from its exceptional medical institutions.

"In addition to showcasing some of the best brands in healthcare, the Global Center was built specifically to host and educate the country’s medical community.”

Prime meeting location

Cleveland’s unique medical landscape began over 200 years ago in a simple log structure along the shores of Lake Erie to treat soldiers of the War of 1812. Today, just east of where this temporary barracks stood, the Global Center represents a focal point for healthcare’s future. It’s here where an unmatched venue is provided to host the industry’s groups—both big and small, explains Dr. Cosgrove.

“There are literally thousands of medical meetings across the country," he said. "By designing the Global Center’s connectivity to the Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland offers almost 400,000 square feet of unique space and access to the best healthcare industry resources.".

Although just four years young, the Global Center hosted over 200 medical meetings in 2016 alone. Whether a small executive meeting or large tradeshow, Cleveland’s convention center campus provides a state-of-the-art approach for today’s medical meetings. Advanced wireless networking technology allows 15,000 devices to connect simultaneously, while an architecturally smart connection from the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland provides seamless access to the city’s new 600-room Hilton hotel and an additional 46,000 square feet of meeting space.

The Global Center’s range of opportunities for the medical industry continues to expand, emulating the growth of Cleveland’s healthcare expertise that provided some of the most notable medical “firsts” throughout history. Just as the city’s medical forefathers developed technology ranging from the first X-rays and major contributions for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Cleveland’s unique range and depth of medical experts provide insight for today’s healthcare’s industry.

“The Global Center is an example of how far we’ve come,” Dr. Cosgrove said.

Unmatched expert access

The country’s mantra of promoting choice, quality and affordability in healthcare is a concept initiated over seven years ago. Yet, today the goals of patient-centrism, consumer choice, quality and affordability dominate the shift toward value in today’s healthcare environment. At the Global Center, Cleveland’s experts on topics ranging from patient experience to cyber security are helping pave the path for proactive education needed to meet tomorrow’s expectations.

One example of the Global Center’s unique in-house resident healthcare IT experts is the HIMSS Innovation Center. Located on the fourth floor, the HIMSS vision is based on providing “better health through information technology.”

“Anyone interested in the intersection of technology and healthcare are provided a highly visible and collaborative environment at HIMSS,” said John Paganini, Senior Manager of Interoperability Initiatives at the HIMSS Innovation Center. “People who visit will find virtual testing, exhibition and education that shows them how healthcare technologies and private, secure data exchange truly contributes to safer, high quality and more cost-effective care.

“We have the tool kits, the people and the resources," he said. "It’s a public exhibit to help those in the industry understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing health information, personally and professionally."

In addition to HIMSS, the Global Center is home to more than 40 of the country’s leading healthcare, health IT and medical innovation brands.  For more information on incorporating the Global Center’s innovations into your programming, contact us or click here to visit our website.

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