Whether discovering the historic secrets of the Old West or the ecological mysteries of ancient glacier-formed prairies, North Dakota has much to offer the hearts and minds of its explorers. The Peace Garden state also features a range of health and wellness options, from Medora to Minot.


“North of Normal,” the Fargo slogan goes, and North Dakota’s largest city definitely raises the bar for an approach to wellness that’s a little bit north of center.

“The city of Fargo is really embracing its elements,” said Emily Klamm, account manager at the Fargo-Moorhead CVB, explaining the destination’s wellness philosophy.

“Our seasons are so odd and people used to complain about not having enough year-round outside activities, but that’s changing. More people are getting into snow sports—we’re even doing yoga in the snow,” Klamm said.

Not that this makes Fargo’s indoor offerings any less quirky. Celebrated Drekker Brewing Company offers a monthly Viking Yoga with Crossfit Icehouse event where participants of every aptitude can achieve one of the discipline’s lesser known rewards: a pint of beer. The group-friendly venue’s taproom and brewery can also be booked for events.

Downtown, Ecce (pronounced eh-chay) Art Gallery provides meeting space adjacent to its affiliated yoga studio. Attendees can start the day with a session of rooftop yoga and continue on to their meeting in the gallery’s breathtaking event space, highlighted by exposed brick walls and flooring from reclaimed North Dakota State University bleachers.

For rest and rejuvenation, many groups are taking advantage of wellness providers with on-site services like Glacial Peak Cryotherapy. Though groups will need to go to the company’s West Fargo location to experience its signature three minute -240 degree cryochamber treatment, technicians are able to bring the equipment necessary for less immersive therapy right to a group’s meeting.

“The stockings almost look like goalie pads,” Klamm said, describing Glacial Peak’s leg compression therapy. “They fill up with cool air so tight that it almost feels like you’re getting your blood pressure taken, but on your legs. I have knee problems, and it was great. I felt wonderful after.”

Foodies can investigate Mosaic Catering & Events, affiliated with both Mezzaluna restaurant in Fargo and Rustica Eatery & Tavern in Moorhead. The menu includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and meals can be customized to the needs of each group.

North Dakota’s first vegan restaurant and catering service, Green House Cafe, opened in Fargo in summer 2016 and has been a popular draw for vegans and omnivores alike.
Going forward, Fargo is zeroing in on the medical meetings market.

“We have a new hospital coming up here, opening this summer,” Klamm said in reference to the new Sanford Health Medical Center. “We’re excited to draw more medical conferences to the area.”


South-centrally located and including the state capital, the BisMan region provides a breath of fresh air for groups craving health and wellness opportunities.

“The welcoming feeling our visitors receive is second to none,” said Sheri J. Grossman, CEO of the Bismarck-Mandan CVB.

“North Dakota is known for friendly people, and Bismarck-Mandan is at the top of the list for welcoming guests,” Grossman said. “We love showing off our community.”

Groups seeking an edgy and distinctive teambuilding experience will find it at Trapped in Bismarck, an experiential attraction incorporating intense themed puzzle and escape rooms.