The Event Tech Tribe announced the launch of InsightXM, its newest technology offering created for event marketers and planners. InsightXM is described as “an event intelligence platform that captures, analyzes and visualizes event data to better inform business decisions.” It will act as a centralized focal point for data from the full range of Event Tech Tribe products, which includes Swoogo, Hubb, TRC and Glisser.

“The platform will effectively consolidate all the disconnected data that event professionals get bombarded with,” said Leonora Valvo, Swoogo CEO and Event Tech Tribe founder. "It’s not only huge for us, but it’s game changing for the industry."

InsightXM's mission is to provide actionable insights about events in a single, intuitive dashboard.

“Data Science is the fastest growing technology in the event tech ecosystem, yet nobody has really nailed how to make sense of the copious amounts of information produced before, during and after events,” said TRC founder Greg Lazzaro. “InsightXM ... changes that.”

The Event Tech Tribe noted the platform, which is set to be unveiled at IMEX America in October, has undergone an extensive year of research and development to optimize it for event planners and marketers.

“We’ve been pouring huge resources into the InsightXM platform this past year,” said InsightXM CEO Brent Pearson. “Along with [Event Tech Tribe] data, we’re building integrations with key business marketing tools and CRMs so we can provide event professionals with insights that are both holistic and useful.”

Originally the brainchild of Swoogo’s Leonora Valvo, the data science platform has since been acquired by Pearson who is excited to be preparing the product for its re-launch in October. The Event Tech Tribe, which was formed in 2016, now consists of five event technology providers that connect to one another via multi-directional APIs. It was created to offer planners an alternative to the "all-in-one" event technology houses.