How can you be stressed on the beach in Puerto Rico? For those that need a little more than just paradise, or business travelers who don’t have the leisure of relaxing on the sand, the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino launched a new Mind and Body wellness program. In partnership with The Mindfulness App, custom meditations are now available for groups to unwind during or between meetings.

“We wanted to focus on full-body wellness and extend our programming for guests beyond the gym,” said Tatiana Chabert, sales operations coordinator for Sheraton Puerto Rico. “We know that business travelers often have full schedules and are in and out of meetings all day. The Mindfulness App partnership can be used for group meditation sessions or is available for individual attendees to use at their leisure while soaking in our beautiful views of San Juan.”

There are three mediation options available through the mobile app at five-, 10- and 15-minute lengths, and can be taken out of the meeting room to locations such as the Bellavista Lawn for either group or individual sessions.  
The resort also has wellness-focused F&B options for groups, such as a DIY smoothie bar for breaks and meals incorporating local ingredients.

“We put together curated picnic baskets for groups with items, including wraps, local pastries, plantains and Puerto Rican coffee,” Chabert said. “Attendees can enjoy a “green” picnic event on the lawn—a productive outdoor space for meetings or networking.”

Other Mind and Body program offerings include in-room stationary bikes and terrarium building classes in partnership with Luludi Living Art.

Luludi Living Art is a New York-based company that specializes in using nature as design and offers terrarium classes to give participants a creative outlet. At the resort, groups can arrange for an hour-long class to create a living mini garden using items such as moss, soil, gravel, decorative pebbles and rocks along with succulents or airplants. The class starts off with vision boards for inspiration and covers different plant types and the care involved. The classes can be tailored to include company colors or the theme of the meeting.

“We wanted to give groups a fun breakout activity that they could physically take with them after their visit to remember their time at Sheraton Puerto Rico,” Chabert explained. “Luludi Living Art provides a variety of options for groups to curate their terrariums, including colored stones and soil to match companies’ logos, and cobblestones and rainforest-inspired items that connect to San Juan. They even provide boxes and bags for attendees to easily carry on the airplane.”

The resort features 503 guest rooms and more than 40,000 square feet of meeting space for up to 1,800 guests.