It’s all about the flash these days when it comes to the attendee experience at meetings and conventions, but this often high-tech form has a function in that it increases engagement and delivers the goods when it comes to creating a face-to-face environment that inspires collaboration and a FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling that drives attendance.

Last month we dedicated our cover story to some of the radical new changes impacting association meetings, from ASAE’s inaugural XDP show to traditional meetings that are mixing up their formats in everything from educational sessions and networking events to the exhibit floor.

Our cover story this issue, “Out of the Box,” details how Montreal’s C2 conference, which recently wrapped its sixth edition, is designed to “provoke collisions and spark new ideas” by turning old models on their ears.

When the collaborating partner is Cirque du Soleil you know you’re in for something special.

The show garnered praise from none other than MPI President & CEO Paul Van Deventer on the big stage at MPI WEC in June, and it even has CVBs sponsoring meeting planners to attend in order to shift their thinking about the programs they manage.

Turn to page 28 to see why innovators, game-changers, creatives and executives are flocking to this state-of-the-art confab where commerce collides with creativity.

Also in This Issue

Stepping back into our wheelhouse, our September issue also gets down to where the rubber meets the road with a feature on key budget-saving strategies, as well as a story on green facility innovators and our monthly In Balance wellness section. And make sure to check out the 2017 winners of our Best of Meetings Today Awards, which are always a sure bet when making that most important of decisions: site selection.