Recipe yields four burgers.

Main Ingredients

1 lbs. ground lamb
1.5 oz. curry powder
1.5 oz. cumin powder
1.5 oz. chopped garlic
1.5 chopped cilantro
1.5 oz. chopped mint
2 oz. sour cream mint sauce
2 oz. sliced red onion
4 slices of beef tomato
4 buns

Combine all spices with lamb in a bowl and make patties.
Grill patties to medium, toast buns and add sauce, sliced red onion and tomato to top of patties.

Sour Cream Mint Sauce
 2 oz. sour cream
1 glove garlic
1/2 jalapeno
2 tbs. bunch mint
½ tbs. red onion
½ tbs. tomato
¼ tbs. lime juice