Makes 2 // Serves 2


3 eggs
1 tbs. salted French butter 
1 shallot 
3.5 tbs. sherry 
1/2 cup sunchokes 
3/4 baby spinach 
1/2 cup cream 


black pepper


Cut shallots into small cubes 

and saute with a little butter. 

After golden brown, add sherry 

to the shallots and reduce by half and add 1/3 of the cream to the reduction and 

reduce again by half. Add the spinach and cook for 30 seconds.

Take the eggs and separate 2. Take 2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg and mix to give

the scrambled egg a deeper flavor. Add some butter in the pan and add the egg mix

 to it. Heat it up slowly under constant whisking and add 1.5 tbs. butter and cream. 

Season with black pepper, salt and nutmeg.

Boil sunchokes in salty water. When it becomes soft, strain it from the water and 

crush with a fork to make a smash. Season with salt, a little bit of butter and cream.    

Place the sunchoke puree on plate, add creamed sherry spinach and top with 

scrambled egg.