When digital events first crept into the conference world, there was a fear that they would replace annual meetings that associations rely on for connecting members and generating revenue. Now, proving to be a friend, not a foe, digital events are an extension to face-to-face conferences and offer new sponsorship revenue streams.

Miranda Connon, CMP, DES Meetings Manager at Montréal-based Société Internationale d’Urologie, tapped into the formula that drives successful sponsorships: happy attendees equal happy sponsors.

“Sponsors really value the opportunity to reach a wider audience,” Connon said. “It’s one thing to say that we will have 3,000 participants at our face-to-face events, but adding up to another 1,000 digital participants is a huge selling point.”

Supporting meeting planners as they navigate the digital terrain, Meetings + Conventions Calgary has sponsored 150 people, like Miranada Connon, to obtain their Digital Event Strategist Certification with the Digital Experience Institute (DEI).

“Meetings and Conventions Calgary is committed to supporting education in our industry,” said Dave Sclanders, Meetings + Conventions Calgary’s Executive Director. “As in anything new, 3 years ago when Calgary first aligned with DEI there was some unknown. Today, there can be no longer any doubt the contribution online events are making to our industry. The bottom line is Meetings + Conventions Calgary is proud to be there to support any way today’s meeting professional can better navigate our rapidly changing industry more effectively and more efficiently.”

Join Meetings + Conventions Calgary on November 15th for the Digital Experience Institute’s Digital Summit: a day of tips, tricks and best practices for implementing your digital event. To learn more visit meetingscalgary.com/digital-eventsfriend-foe.

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