November 2017

Causa Onigiri

Causa Onigiri

Causa Onigiri

Approximately 12 servings

Papa Amarillo
4 Yukon Gold potatoes
Juice of 3 limes
2 tbs. of aji amarillo paste
1 tbs. of olive oil

Cook potatoes in oven, covered at 450 degrees.
Peel and mash in food mill while hot. This step
is very important as potatoes take on a different
texture when mashed cold. Add lime juice, aji
amarillo, olive oil and season with salt. Adjust
seasonings of lime juice and salt as some
potatoes absorb more liquid than others.

8 oz. salmon diced small
1 tbs. oil
2 tbs. green onions
1 tsp. sesame oil
1/2 cup Japanese Kewpie
3 sheets of nori for sushi,
cut in quarters

Cook salmon in saute pan with oil and use wooden spoon
to break up pieces while it is cooking. Cool down. While
cooling mix all ingredients for mayonnaise. Once salmon
is cool, fold in mayonnaise mixture.

To complete Causa
Form small triangles, top with salmon salad.
Place in the center of nori. Wrap in nori and enjoy!

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