Director of Educational Services // The Business Credit Management Association–Wisconsin New Berlin, Wis.

Briefly state what your job entails. 
I arrange all training for the association membership. The members are primarily in the credit, collection and finance areas of their companies. We arrange an annual credit professionals conference, webinars, credit and collection courses, and a certification.

What type of meeting did you hold in Waukesha?
In September 2017 we held the annual credit professionals conference at Milwaukee Marriott West.


Was anyone particularly helpful in executing your event?
The entire staff at Milwaukee Marriott West was extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. My closest contacts, Ashley Smith, Ashley Berry and Christine Lunz, were available at all times. Questions were answered immediately as we worked up to the conference. On-site, the conference ran expertly!
What did your attendees seem to enjoy most about the Waukesha/Milwaukee area? 

Its proximity to the interstate, convenience to local shopping, and events without the hassle of a downtown setting, plus the cleanliness and safety of Milwaukee Marriott West.

Are there any experiences that you would recommend for groups meeting there? 
We arranged for a bus to pick our group up and take them to a Milwaukee Brewers game. Before going to the game, we had drinks, food and a great time at Kelly’s Bleachers, which is located very near Miller Park, the baseball stadium. A few years ago we arranged a Milwaukee River cruise. That was a nice event, too.

How does the Waukesha/Milwaukee area compare to other cities where you have hosted meetings?
Superior is the only way to describe it.

Would you recommend the Waukesha/Milwaukee area to other meeting planners? 
I would absolutely recommend the area for all of the above reasons.