One of the most important ways to maintain an overall sense of well-being is to begin your day with rituals that set you up on a positive note. Right out of the gate, right when I get up, here are three things I do every day.

1. Get out of bed and say, “I’m up, I’m awake, I’m alive, it’s a beautiful day.” I love sleeping and literally can’t stand getting out of bed, so throwing myself up and saying this every morning puts a smile on my face and gets me going.

2. Offer one thing that you’re grateful for as soon as you start the day because it puts you into that vibration of giving and receiving. You need to give thanks to get thanks.

3. Start your day with music. Always when I’m taking a shower and getting ready in the morning, I’m playing something with positive lyrics or an uplifting beat because it just sets the tone to be in a state of positivity and happiness.

Some of my favorite music to listen to in the morning is a band called Nahko and Medicine for the People. It’s very positive lyrics and a fun, uplifting beat.

When I’m feeling slow in the morning I like listening to Norah Jones.

Monica Graves has been studying global wellbeing and wisdom traditions for more than a decade. She spent seven years as a master educator at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, Calif., under the mentorship of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon and many other renowned visionaries. She now facilitates adventure retreats and transformational workshops around the world.