Kevin Gorman is Director of Business Development with CWT Meetings & Events in Catonsville, Md.

What did you learn about Australia from Dreamtime?

  • Brisbane is a hidden jewel within Australia.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is as amazing as you hear.
  • The people of Australia are among the nicest people you will meet ... anywhere.
  • Australia should be on everyone's "bucket list."
  • Virgin Australia is an amazing airline.
  • Flames of the Forest is a “must-do” evening.

Did your participation in Dreamtime increase the chances you’ll take an incentive group there?

Participation in Dreamtime has greatly increased the probability that I will be bringing an incentive group to Australia. In fact, I have already engaged one client in preliminary discussions on Australia.

What type of incentive group would be the best fit for Australia?

I think Australia lends itself to be a welcoming destination for many different types of incentive groups. The groups that I am most excited to share my experience with are the ones who are interested in culture, like being active and outdoors, and have an appreciation for history. 

How many days do you believe you would dedicate to an Australia incentive?

Many of my clients have a global audience, so I think you’d be looking at seven-night programs to Australia. I would also encourage the groups to split their time in Australia into different cities, as well.

What surprised you the most about Australia?

Brisbane! I was absolutely blown away by the city and its people!

What would be your advice to incentive travel planners about taking a group to Australia?

Don’t let the distance hold you back from selling Australia as a destination. Its beauty, history and people more than make up for the long flights…and a Virgin Australia airplane is not a bad place to spend 14 hours, either.

What is your top highlight of the post-trip?

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef; Flames of the Forest dinner—amazing location, food and entertainment.

Any other thoughts?

I mentioned to someone in Australia that I had spent a lifetime dreaming about Australia and it surpassed my dreams in one day. It is an amazing country and I will be pushing hard to sell groups on all of its benefits.