Senior Professionals Industry Network (SPIN)

Attendees—some in furry slippers, some “play” riding stuffed unicorns, some in flannels—at the opening session of SPINCon 2017 in Grapevine, Texas, greeted the announcement of SPIN’s new executive director, Tracey Smith, with all the applause and fanfare you’d expect from the event dubbed “The Industry’s Most Casual Conference” and one that promises to “Keep It Weird.”  

“Smith was actually the second member of SPIN when we started 10 years ago, and she is the ultimate person to take SPIN to the next level,” said Shawna Suckow, SPIN’s founder, sporting a black shirt emblazoned with “I Am a Unicorn.” 

Smith said she was thrilled to be starting her new journey with SPIN.


“I’m looking forward to upholding and furthering SPIN’s principles with our members (authenticity, community, expertise, rejuvenation and fun), growing our membership and working on important projects,” she said, before opening her jacket in good fun to reveal a colorful tie-dye shirt stating that yes, she will also be aiming to “Keep SPIN Weird.” 

Smith, a 20-plus-year industry veteran who was formerly a meeting manager at American Express Meetings and Events, remains nothing but positive since starting her new post in January. She replaces Rod Abraham, who retired last June. 

Smith plans to focus on cultivating membership among more suppliers and encouraging engagement and support from its newly created advisory board. 

SPIN recently rebranded from Senior Planners Industry Network to Senior Professionals Industry Network and opened its membership to suppliers as well as meeting planners who have been in the industry for at least 10 years. 

SPIN celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2017.