Wellness encompasses not only optimal physical health but mental health as well, said Sierra Bender, a motivational speaker and empowerment coach. A change agent, Bender’s professional empowerment workshops and training are popular as many corporations are realizing the importance of mental and emotional health for overall wellness.

She is opening her own wellness center, 4 Body Fit Institute, this spring in downtown St. Petersburg where up to 60 can be accommodated for seminars.

The Sierra Bender Method for Personal & Professional Empowerment (SBM) teaches self-realization, self-empowerment and self-love. SBM brings together the disciplines of modern medicine, indigenous wisdom, holistic health, exercise physiology, quantum physics, nutrition and yoga therapy.

This method leads to dramatic transformations in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and holistic health, and helps build a team mentality along the way.

A confident and powerful speaker, Bender’s magnetism draws in groups and helps facilitate change. Given the #MeToo movement that has helped demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace, Bender’s message of empowerment that she has been sharing for 30 years has taken on added importance. 

“My speeches focus on personal empowerment and the ways we can work it into our everyday lives, helping make us better employees, leaders, parents and partners,” she said.

Bender has helped corporations, medical institutions, universities, schools and others master self-empowerment, leadership and emotional intelligence. The most important ingredient of empowerment is self-love, she explained.

“Love is not just an emotion, it is the most powerful force grounded by action and responsibility, a commitment to one’s true authentic self,” Bender said.

Her book, Goddess to the Core, redefines fitness, beauty and power. Bender can be reached at SierraBenderInfo@gmail.com or via her website: https://sierrabender.com.