Tradeshow attendees might be surprised and delighted to see the convention center-to-table hydroponic gardens right inside the Westwood lobby of Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.

Eighty-one hydroponic towers yield edible greens used in the center’s kitchens and served to guests daily. To keep the gardens in a constant state of growth, seedlings are first grown under heat lamps. Once harvested, seedlings are placed in the towers for the rest of their growth cycle. 

Kale, basil, lettuce, edible flowers, peppers, spinach, celery and more are examples of the convention center’s goal to improve access to healthy food choices, connect individuals with nature and teach the value of the environment.  

“With the growing trend of the farm-to-table movement in the Orlando restaurant scene, it only made sense for the Orange County Convention Center to do the same thing, but with our own unique twist,” said Yulita Osuba, the facility’s deputy director.

“Here at the center of hospitality, we’re pleased to see greens and other vegetables grown in our center-to-table gardens incorporated into delicious meals on a daily basis.”