Dave and Rod answer additional questions from the 01.31.18 The Right Tech for Your Event – On a Budget webinar.

1. What about the new data protection laws coming into effect from China. They look less detailed that GDPR but are they something we should be concerned with too?
From Dave: Yes, it appears the new regulations from China (Canada, etc.) are less stringent than GDPR. However, these regulations are new territory for everyone in the industry so we’re all watching this very closely. What seems to be the most important is having an opt-in process in place for your attendees/members to approve sharing their personal information. You’ll need also a way to capture and report that opt-in approval. 

2. Is there any guidance in using different AV companies for tradeshows? We have to use so many and prices are all over the place. Any tips? 
From Dave: My tip is to bundle your business to give you more volume and negotiating leverage. Select one or two vendors and then establish standards and processes that will help improve efficiency.

3. This might not be the right forum for my question, but what are the trends happening in relationship to the actual presentations that are being presented? Such as Powerpoint, Prezi, how to bring in animation or video into those presentations and liven up the presentation all together. Tyler this might be an idea for a webinar and what are people doing, using, how to not make the meeting were people are falling asleep! :)

From Rod: You’re right. There are so many options for presentation software. Having said that, Powerpoint is still the most popular and most widely used.

4. Are there a lot of outside companies that would provide Wi-Fi for a group?

From Dave: Yes, there are some outside companies providing Wi-Fi. Make sure you ask the same questions of exclusive providers as you would if you were going out to bid with any other supplier. You’ll want to understand the service level, pricing structure and opportunities to cut expenses.

Try to have this conversation prior to signing.

5. Can you give examples of what is negotiable? 

From Dave: An example would be utilizing an AV company you have selected instead of the in-house exclusive provider. If a venue or hotel knows this in advance, they may adjust pricing. Even if they do not adjust the pricing, you may have a better experience with an AV provider you know and trust.

6. What is your definition of integration? Thanks!

From Rod: Integration can be as simple as Single Sign On (SSO), which enables one user to access multiple applications. Integration can also be a one-way data feed (also known as mirroring), which pushes files from your source platform to the destination system. Or it could be a multi-feed data integration, which is sharing data back and forth between two or more systems.

7. How can planners learn more about technology? What's an easy way to do that?

From Rod: There are many events throughout the year that focus on event technology. For example, ASAE hosts the Technology Conference & Expo in December, which not only showcases new technology but brings together professionals to discuss how they use it.

8. What are some trends of particular IT usage for interactive audience engagement, e.g., ZOOM, KAHOOT, ARS, any others?

From Rod: Mobile apps are the most common and affordable platform for audience response. ZOOM is starting to make a presence in live streaming as well.

9. Most hotels will allow outside av vendor but not for internet or power. How do you negotiate these two areas? 

From Dave: The key in negotiating with exclusive providers is to know that you can negotiate pricing. Make it a part of the overall evaluation of the city or venue you are considering.

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