Via Facebook, we asked meeting professionals to sum up their case for face-to-face meetings in one sentence Here are some examples of what they came back with.

Q: In a sentence, how would you explain to your organizational stakeholders the value that face-to-face meetings bring to your organization?

Carolyn Rettberg Browning, Chief Solution Strategist, MEETing Needs: “Face-to-face meetings bring the human element into our relationships that have become so focused on technology.”

Mary Pat Cornett, Vice President, Meetings and International Affairs, American Society for Nutrition: “Our face-to-face meeting advances nutrition science and practice by facilitating peer review of research, furthering relationships, fostering collaboration, recognizing and honoring achievements, and preparing the nutrition scientists and practitioners of the future.”

Karen Garcia Gonzales, Director, Partnership Relations at International Association of Exhibitions & Events-IAEE: “Often times we do business with people we know ... face-to-face meetings reinforce those relationships and help to cultivate new ones.”

Mark Sonder, Chief Entertainment Officer, Mark Sonder Productions Entertainment Agency: “You can't email a handshake!”

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Okay, the next two participants, Brian and Polly, cheated a bit by providing more than one sentence, but their responses were definitely worthy of contemplation and we’re not ones to stand on formality!

Brian Monahan, VP of Sales and Business Development at Prestige AV & Creative Services: “Wondering if face to face is proper term now. In person may be more defined description.

"I believe we are hardwired to seek connection therefore in person meetings will always be relevant ... however, the desire to connect is so great we use technology to supplement our desire."

Polly Rossi, President, Meeting Achievements“Face to face meetings show an investment into the relationships you are building. By giving your undivided attention at an in person meeting, you make yourself more trustworthy. The other advantage is that you can build upon the emotions of your audience.”

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