Voices in Advocacy, an advocacy consulting company led by meetings industry thought leader Roger Rickard, is distributing a micro-targeting technology to facilitate interaction with key contacts in the state and federal advocacy arena.

The software tool, called the RAP Index, uncovers “hidden,” untapped relationships an organization may have with a policymaker, and then facilitates contacting them.

According to the company, RAP Index enables uses to search from a number of perspectives and angles depending on the situation or need, such as searching by the elected official an organization needs to influence and then seeing the number of relationships the organization has and the quality of those relationships.

Users can also search by specific individuals in a business or association to determine their sphere of influence with elected officials and policymakers, according to RAP Index, which provides a score that lets users know the number and quality of each individual's contacts and their ability or willingness to deliver key messages.

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“Leveraging your grassroots contacts through this tool is a game changer and will create an immediate advantage for any organization that deploys it,” Rickard said in announcing the news.

RAP Index Founder and CEO Chip Felkel said the relationship with Voices in Advocacy is a natural fit.

“I am really excited about our agreement with Voices in Advocacy," Felkel said.

"Our technology, in combination with the leader in the grassroots advocacy development arena, will be of great value to organizational leadership," he added. "We share a common focus: to demonstrate how to create valuable advocates and support dramatic bottom-line results!”

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