One Gun Ranch Owners Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring

For attendees meeting in Los Angeles County, one of the most beautiful and innovative farms in Malibu is available for group events and excursions.

Founded in 2008, One Gun Ranch is a biodynamic farm cradled in the Santa Monica Mountains with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and awe-inspiring rock formations. A magical place for healing mind, body and spirit, the ranch is a sanctuary of serenity that inspires a healthy lifestyle.

The ranch is owned by Alice Bamford, a film producer, healthy living advocate and farmer, and Ann Eysenring, a real estate strategist and biodynamic farmer. The two also co-authored the book One Gun Ranch, Malibu: Biodynamic Recipes for Vibrant Living (see “The Gift of Fab” story).

With the mission of educating people about biodynamics, the benefits and joy of living with the land and rhythms of nature, One Gun Ranch farming is conducted according to biodynamic principles that produce healthy, delicious food.

The sowing, planting and harvesting of crops is all in accordance with the moon, sun and planets.

Bamford and Eysenring believe in providing love and support to the local community through good food and soil. They sell their greens, veggies and fruits to local markets and restaurants throughout Los Angeles.

The ranch also designed and created UCLA’s Biodynamic Student Community Garden through the Jane Semel UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative.

The garden is planted with biodynamic “Supersoil” compost from One Gun Ranch. It contains 30 beds of edible produce and about 80 fruit trees and passion fruit vines. The harvested produce goes directly to the students.

One Gun Ranch can host everything from brunches for 20 people to receptions for up to 100.

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