Anchoring the theme on IMEX America’s Smart Monday will be Julius Solaris, speaker, author and editor of Event Manager Blog, delivering a keynote on “Legacy: The Power of Events.”

“The theme is the impact of legacy,” Solaris said. “It’s elevating the whole event to a bigger purpose, a bigger impact. It’s about the greater good and making an impact—making change.”

To prepare for his IMEX America time in the spotlight, Solaris said he reviewed more than 350 events in six different categories—generational, marketing, meeting design, sponsorship, sustainability and technology—to discover how they rose above their core objectives to really provide a bigger impact to attendees and the world.

“I’m thinking of it as the most inspirational keynote at IMEX this year, of how events became bigger than themselves and made a huge impact,” Solaris said. “The idea is to inspire people but also give them proactive advice when they get back to the office after they leave IMEX.”

At press time, Solaris was also busy working with MPI on a report that will be distributed at IMEX America.

“This is about events that have changed events, and really started to do things differently, and really changed the game and become standards.” Solaris summed up. “For instance, in meeting design some events have completely changed their schedules, or were marketed in a different way, or used social media in a different way. This will be a story-led type of presentation but with practical advice.”

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