Event: Top Performers Club
Date: May 3-6, 2018

Local DMC Camelback Adventures had the pleasure of working with Robyn Abbey, owner of Chriselle Management Inc., planning and executing a program at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, for her client’s Top Performers Club meeting.

Robyn focused on highlighting the “flavors of the Southwest” and wove this theme throughout her selection of activities and events, showcasing the best that Arizona has to offer.

The group’s opening reception intertwined a Western flavor combined with a South of the Border and Native American Southwestern theme. Our favorite beer burro, packed with iced refreshments, greeted guests as Arizona’s Singing Cowboy serenaded early arrivals. A stargazer provided a celestial view of the universe while a top Western band provided music for a late night dance party.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by a local world champion Native American hoop dancer, who shared the tribal traditions of the elders through the use of drums and dance.

Activities also focused on quintessential Arizona experiences, with a local flavor. Guests enjoyed riding the range on a cattle drive, sightseeing through the canyons and red rocks of Sedona, exploring the back country of the Sonoran desert in a Hummer and tasting their culinary creations at a cooking class with a James Beard award-winning Southwestern chef.

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The date of their awards gala was May 5, so the theme of their evening event centered around the celebration of Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo in a traditional and authentic fashion. Robyn did extensive research on the customs and origins of the holiday and incorporated those into the overall program.

An emphasis was placed on originality and authenticity and we worked together to create an “out of the box” unique and experiential event beyond the typical Fiesta banquet theme.

The doors opened to an all-female mariachi band performing classic and contemporary songs from South of the Border, followed by a presentation of Ballet Folklorico dancers who twirled and stepped to a lively compilation of songs, all dressed in the traditional colorful costumes that date back in time to their ancestors from Mexico.

As a special surprise for the attendees, Alondra Santos, the 13-year-old mariachi singer and runner up of America’s Got Talent, was flown in for a private performance prior to their awards ceremony. Her vocal talents and amazing voice filled the room with the sounds of Old Mexico.

Colorful linens, festive floral and ambient lighting created an authentic atmosphere for attendees who enjoyed a dinner with accents of flavorful cuisine from across the border.


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