Event: Anonymous (by client request)
Date: Winter 2017

The iconic allure of Whistler, British Columbia, during the winter is obvious as guests take the breathtakingly beautiful drive along the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver International Airport.

Though comfortable enough to fall asleep, luxury transportation vehicles allow guests to absorb the site of year-round ocean views that fade effortlessly into snow capped mountains surrounding a Winter Wonderland.

Arriving at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler, 420 guests were invited to their “Winter Sports” themed Welcome evening in the hotel.

There were ample spots in the custom-designed event to curl up and enjoy some modern pub fare while The Hairfarmers set the “good times” tone of the evening, and the program. An added level of exclusivity, a private pop-up shop full of the infamous Canadian brand Roots apparel and accessories was incredibly appealing to attendees as they got to shop at their leisure throughout the evening.

A ski/snowboard fitting service was also brought in so guests could conveniently select their equipment and try it on before the day’s activities the following morning. This meant more time on the slopes!

Whistler is undeniably known for it’s world-class ski and snowboard mountains; and with good reason. The combination of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain is spectacular for all levels, from the novice to professional athlete; private lessons were available for both mountain sports as well as the unique opportunity to ski or snowboard with an Olympian; a life-changing moment for most.

For those who wanted to experience the mountains in a more casual capacity, Mountain Sightseeing Passes, where guests could take the impressive Peak2Peak gondola, were available as well as the Taste of Whistler walking tour where the culinary talents of Whistler were enjoyed. Others, who go for more of an adrenaline rush, could partake in dog sledding, snowmobile tours and ziplining over the snowy valley.

Tourism Whistler Culinary Event

For a truly signature Whistler experience, the opportunity to bobsled and skeleton at the Whistler Sliding Centre provided each participant with a completely exclusive memory to Whistler and a nod to the 2010 Olympic Games. With so many activities to relish in, the group’s evening was balanced with the specifically planned low-key approach of dining on their own at one of the many delicious restaurants the Village has to offer.

A program in Whistler can be customized to any budget; in this case, the Tube Park on Blackcomb Mountain was exclusively bought out for the group to visit at their leisure; complete with food and beverages on-site. Unbeknownst to them the group had a big night ahead of them, but the Tube Park was consistently popular throughout the morning.

A lengthy awards ceremony at the Whistler Conference Centre (WCC) started early in the day, but highlights included a motivating presentation from the inspirational Jon Montgomery, a Canadian skeleton racer and television host who won the gold medal in the men’s skeleton event at the 2010 Winter Olympics on the Whistler track.

Keeping the audience’s attention, the creative Ice Beat Factory carved the company logo out of ice on stage synchronized to a live electric music performance complete with an edgy violinist and onscreen visuals. Behind the awards stage, a secret after party was in the works called Club Aurora.

Ice Beat Factory Event Setup

A massive, four-sided custom designed ice bar was the obvious focal point of the space, while the amazing Side One dance band stole the show and provided the ultimate party atmosphere. “Best party ever” was heard unanimously on the dance floor after several requested encores.

For those who wanted to make the most out of their time in Whistler, winter sport activities were again offered. As the grand finale to an epic four-night stay in Whistler, dinner was set up at the Roundhouse on top of Whistler mountain. For most of the group, riding a gondola up to an exclusive lodge is an unforgettable, inimitable dining experience.

With the ever-talented Colin Bullock and his urban coolness on the guitar in Glacier View and Karla Sax giving Valley View more of a lounge vibe, the Roundhouse was decked out in quintessential, cozy, Canadian mountain lodge, red and black buffalo plaid decor.

The custom beer tasting station gave guests one last chance to wet their palette with the best Whistler has to offer. The perfect atmosphere for colleagues to reflect on their epic time in Whistler before they begin the journey home the following day.

Winter time in Whistler is undeniably magical; but there is so much more to the iconic resort town than just the spectacular mountains. The tailored activities, enhancements and experiences available in Whistler will leave a significant impression each individual all while creating a bond amongst colleagues that will last a life time.

For a well-rounded winter program that is sure to appeal to the athletic, the adrenaline rush seeking or the culture and culinary enthusiast, come have a taste of Whistler in the winter time; the memories will be timeless.


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