Group: LuLaRoe
Event: Vision ’17
Date: July 26-30, 2017

For its convention, Vision ’17, fashion company LuLaRoe tapped Anaheim to inspire and delight the imagination of its more than 20,000 attendees. LuLaRoe, which is particularly popular with GenX and Millennial moms, is sold via authorized consultants in members-only Facebook groups. Its annual meeting provides a unique opportunity for attendees to interact and network offline.

To kick off the event, LuLaRoe showcased Anaheim’s close proximity to the beach by hosting a catered event in Huntington Beach, a short 20-minute bus ride from the host city. From a sand castle replica of the event logo to interactive games and entertainment, this opening event was the ultimate California beach party.

Since LuLaRoe is a social media-based business, it only made sense the show catered to its digitally savvy audience. LuLaRoe wowed attendees with multiple grand photo opportunity installations throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. From a massive balloon archway to lavish drapes of its latest fabrics, LuLaRoe did not miss the opportunity for its attendees to stop and pose for a picture.

Also worth noting was LuLaRoe’s use of a typically underutilized hall at the Anaheim Convention Center, Hall E. The event team decided to make Hall E “the it” destination by turning it into a store for attendees to shop. This created an attractive one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees to shop the brand in-person versus online. This enticing in-person experience created long lines wrapped around the event space with attendees anxious to get their chance to shop.

LuLaRoe also tapped into the growing trend of developing an experience hall for attendees. The show transformed Anaheim Convention Center’s Hall A into its product reveal hall, allowing guests to interact with, touch, feel and see all of the new fashion designs up close and personal. Again, a unique opportunity for an online business.

LuLaRoe Experience Hall

Since this event provides a special chance for attendees to network in-person, it was important to create an event space that fostered mentorship and new relationships, so LuLaRoe tapped the Anaheim Convention Center’s Grand Plaza for its networking needs. Located between the Hilton Anaheim and the Marriott Anaheim, the Grand Plaza was the perfect “meet-up” location for guests to gather.

Additionally, with the Grand Plaza featuring 36,000 square feet of usable, open and multi-functional outdoor space, it was the ideal place for networking or simply enjoying the California sunshine.

The Arena at the convention center, a mid-century modern building featuring 28,000 square feet and seating for 7,500, was the perfect backdrop for LuLaRoe to host its fashion show, revealing its latest designs and inspiring attendees for their next year of sales.

LuLaRoe Fashion Show

But perhaps the biggest wow factor was saved for the closing event, which showcased Anaheim’s professional sports scene as well as the city’s A-List concert and entertainment scene. In true star-like fashion, Katy Perry took to the stage at Angel Stadium of Anaheim and performed a private 75-minute intimate concert under the stars for LuLaRoe’s thousands of attendees.

With everything said and done, LuLaRoe saw this event as such a success that they will be returning to Anaheim in 2018.


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