Vicki Carstens is executive director with Iowa Student Councils.

Tell us about the event.

The event was for high school state student council officers, their state executive directors and their​ school advisors. We had approximately 25 attendees:17 students and eight adults.

The Leadership Summit started Friday evening and ended late Sunday morning. We used two rooms in​ ​the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Rock Island, Illinois.

We also ate supper at Blue Cat Brew Pub and attended the first ComedySportz performance.

What were attendees’ favorite activities?

The attendees’ favorite activity was packing backpacks at Riverbend Foodbank. The other two popular events last summer were visiting Mississippi River Distilling Company in Le Claire and hearing the Burchett brothers’ “leadership story,” as well as attending ComedySportz in Rock Island.

What was the most popular feature of the meeting with attendees?

The community service activity at Riverbend Foodbank was the most popular feature.

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