Group: Association of Children’s Museums
Event: InterActivity 2018
Date: May 15-18, 2018

InterActivity 2018 (Association of Children’s Museums Annual Conference) took place in Raleigh May 15-18. The theme of the conference was “Open Source Play... Sharing the Creative Code.”

The staff at our local Marbles Kids Museum were the local organizing committee for this event, and they worked with the Association of Children’s Museums to give attendees a genuine Raleigh experience.

Located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, Marbles serves a diverse population of families, school groups and community organizations with dozens of themed exhibits, summer camps, IMAX documentary and feature films and special events year-round.

InterActivity 2018 Expo Booth

Local fare during the conference included Sally Edwards, president of Marbles Kids Museum, interviewing Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst for the lead keynote session (which tied perfectly into the theme), and the closing “Play It Up” party was hosted at the Marbles Kids Museum with local barbecue from Raleigh’s Empire Eats and N.C. craft beer from New Belgium.

The conference also had Small Talk Sessions (TED Talk-style) with Office of Raleigh Art’s Executive Director Sarah Powers, Hopscotch Design Festival’s Director Marie Schacht (Raleigh design and music festival), Raleigh Designbox Owner Aly Khalifa and North Carolina State University College of Design Professor Percy Hooper as panelists.

Small Talk Session at InterActivity 2018

The conference also ended up taking place during a “March for Students and Rally for Respect,” which shut-down one of the main streets in downtown Raleigh with 20,000 teachers marching.

While many would look at this as a negative, the Association of Children’s Museums turned it into a positive by reiterating to their attendees how much Raleigh and North Carolinians care about teachers and quality education for our kids.


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