Les Clefs d’Or Golden Keys holder Jeff Moon, concierge at San Antonio’s historic The St. Anthony Hotel, is the man who can make plans for those visiting the Yellow Rose City, which has branched out from being a Texas-favorite destination to offering attractions, amenities and a culinary scene that draws people from around the globe.

What service can you provide to groups that they normally might not receive?

Many attendees note their surprise that by the end of their time with us we are able to greet them by name. As beautiful as The St. Anthony Hotel is, we understand that our personalized service is really what makes people feel welcome.

I make an effort to introduce myself to the group coordinators and/or meeting planners upon arrival. I also frequently check with them, at the registration desk for example, to make sure everything is going well and to see if I can assist with anything. The coordinators are often overwhelmed with their tasks and are very grateful for the extra attention. This also allows an opportunity for me to assist with activities outside of the hotel such as dinner reservations and nightlife.

What are your bar or nightclub recommendations nearby?

Our downtown San Antonio location makes us walkable to so much of what the city is famed for. That includes some of San Antonio’s most noteworthy nightspots: St. Anthony Club; Haunt Lounge; Bohanan's Bar; Paramour Bar; and The Brooklynite Bar.

 Can you recommend a good place to take a stroll?

Just a few blocks from our hotel is the vibrant River Walk with its restaurants, shops and museums. For those looking for a quieter part of this oasis, The Museum Reach section of the River Walk is a great destination. It is decorated with beautiful artwork and leads to the Pearl, a great place to dine and shop. It is a nice choice for those desiring more peaceful scenery with less crowds.  

Are there any quirky places we should check out?

Not far from The St. Anthony Hotel, Bar 1919, located within the Blue Star Arts Complex, is a great spot for classic cocktails in a unique setting reminiscent of a Prohibition-era speak-easy. Visiting this bar allows the convenient opportunity to explore the art galleries within the Complex itself and experience a great variety of local artwork.  

What is an unusual request from a group you’ve had?

A group of approximately 20 retired women from Canada chose to celebrate their annual getaway in San Antonio some years back. They asked me to help arrange a prank on one of the women who was celebrating her birthday by hanging a "WANTED" sign in the hotel lobby with her photo on it. The hotel was gracious enough to allow it and we were able to choose a spot that did not interfere with other guests. It was a terrific idea and it worked out spectacularly!

What’s the oddest thing a guest has asked you for?

I have been asked by guests to purchase almost everything imaginable at a sundry store at one time or another. One of the most amusing requests, though, was to have our hotel Chef prepare meals in the kitchen for a guest’s dog.  It’s a great example of the level of service we offer as a Luxury Collection hotel! 

A party of 12 wants to have dinner right away. What restaurant can accommodate last-minute requests of this size?

Our award winning Seafood restaurant Rebelle is always at the top of the list. In addition, I have a list of preferred restaurants with which I have great relationships with management. When I receive a request like this, it is more about finding out the preferences of the party as far as cuisine and price range. A number of restaurants offer private meeting space if the party is open to renting the space or agreeing to a minimum amount towards the purchase of dinner. I can always find an option.

What’s a unique event that has taken place at your property?

The St. Anthony Hotel hosted a spectacular debutante celebration--we’re often a top choice for luxurious events. In addition to arranging the Ball in our meeting space; Travis Park, our hotel’s front yard, was transformed into a full circus with tents, an elephant and monkeys!