UNITE HERE union workers in Seattle and San Jose, California, confirmed they will hold a strike vote on Marriott properties, joining other union workers holding strike votes in San Francisco, Boston, Honolulu and Maui.

The vote will determine whether union workers can move forward with a strike in each city.

Workers in Seattle's UNITE HERE Local 8 announced they would hold a strike vote September 14 and workers in San Jose's UNITE HERE Local 19 announced they would hold a strike vote September 13. Workers in the destinations of Honolulu and on Maui are scheduled to vote the night of September 10 and workers in Boston and San Francisco are expected to vote September 12 and September 13, respectively.

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A strike can go into effect at any time after the day each union votes to authorize it. Wages, health benefits and worker safety are the primary unresolved issues union workers are voting to strike over.

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