Groups staying at Omni Hotels & Resorts properties can rest easy knowing that as their head hits the pillow a credit for their stay is helping alleviate hunger in the community where the hotel is located.

Since its beginnings two years ago, Omni’s Say Goodnight to Hunger program has resulted in more than 13 million meals being donated to local food banks in each of the markets its 60 hotels are located in, and the spirit of giving doesn’t end there.

“Not only do we provide the 13 million meals, our associates have donated over 11,000 hours in those local food banks as well,” said Daniel C. Surette, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Omni.

“Teams are participating at the food banks, packing meals, helping organize efforts. ... Honestly, I’m truly impressed by the overall commitment not just at the corporate level, but at the local level as well,” he added. “When I arrived [at Omni] a year ago I was floored by this initiative because it’s not a small commitment, it’s a big deal.”

For each completed stay at an Omni property, the company donates one meal via Feeding America food banks in the more than 40 communities where its hotels are located. So far the effort has benefited some 60,000 food pantries and meal service programs serving more than 42 million people annually.

Omni also recently entered into a partnership with golf’s PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions to become its official hotel company as well as team up to donate a meal for four for every birdie or eagle as part of the Birdie-or-Better program.

“We expect 60,000 Birdies-or-Better in the golf season, so we’re looking at over 240,000 meals to be provided in those markets,” Surette said, adding that the donations are made in the local area where the golf events are held, allowing hunger relief to occur outside of the specific areas where Omni has hotels.

Omni Hotels & Resorts Say Goodnight to Hunger PGA Announcement

Not only does Omni’s efforts make guests feel good through feeding the hungry, the campaign also provides positive PR for groups and serves as an employee recruitment tool for the Dallas-based chain.

“When I’m talking to people when we are recruiting, when you talk about Omni’s core values and what we’re about, I have candidates tell us, ‘I see what your organization and your teams do through social channels like LinkedIn and I want to be a part of that,’” Surette said. “We’re a part of something bigger, and the people that are attracted to the company find it aligns with their personal values.

“And when I talk to meeting and event planners about what we do on their behalf, they present it at their meetings and conferences and tell their attendees that they contributed—so we’re in it together.”

Omni Hotels & Resorts Austin CSR Event

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