Meeting Planners Unite, an association of independent meeting planners that was formed in the wake of the Marriott International commission cuts in early 2018, announced it is offering a healthcare plan for members.

"Since the inception of our assocation in May [2018], our goal was to find a health care program for our members which provided much of what traditional insurance provides," said David Bruce, founder of Meeting Planners Unite. "In late October we found this program and in early November we signed an agreement to provide health care. As Meeting Planners Unite matures as an association, we hope this is the first of many offerings which display our desire to be the premier independent meeting planning association."

According to the association, participants can choose either the Apex Basic MEC Plan (HDHP) or the Advantage Plan for preventative coverage and then pair it with the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Plan for major medical or catastrophic events. The packages are Affordable Care Act compliant.

The program partners and providers are Apex Management Group, Sedera Health, PHCS, GoodRx, 2nd.MD, Teladoc, WellDyneRx and Sala Health Program.

Additional details are available on Meeting Planners Unite’s website.